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Siege of Sunspear 2018 with her True Face

Fighting Name: Squire Jynx Vignar’Svent

Kobold Titles: The Bringer of the Bringer of Hydration, Ms. Deez Nuts, The Dark Sister, Weaver of Colors, Capturer of Memories, Pinky Herder, Apprentice

Mundane Name: Kailey Sullivan

Started Fighting:July 2015

At War of Wrath 2016

Realm Started in:Sunspear

Current Realm:Sunspear

Fighting Style:Shooting Pinkies ,Stabbing and blocking pinkies

Current Units: Sith Empire

Date Joined Current Unit: January, 2018

Former Unit: Darastrix Okarthel (Disbanded, Became a house.)

Houses: Dragon Home, House of Valkyries, The Dark Brotherhood, House Little Smokies

Race:Awoken Kobold Asheater (Grey Droog)

Squired to: Sir Kael, the Methodical, Of the Western Flame.

Interesting Facts: Jynx has a shop for customized war-braids, hats, and other crocheted things Here

Events Attended:

  • Phoenix Rising 2015
  • War of Wrath 2015
  • Harvest Massacre 2015
  • Battle for the Ring 2016
  • Raid of Skyreach 2016
  • Silica Vale 2016
  • War of Wrath 2016
  • Harvest Massacre 2016
  • Battle for the Ring 2017
  • Siege of Sunspear 2017
  • Silica Vale 2017
  • War of Wrath 2017
  • Battle for the Ring 2018
  • Siege of Sunspear 2018
Shooting Pinkies during a raid on Hellholt.
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