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Juniper bellydancing

Race: Human
God: The God and The Goddess
Fighting since: 2001
Units: Western Uruk-Hai
Current Realm: Stygia
Tribe: Kei'uptik
Member of The Great Hunt

EMPRESS JUNIPER WYND OF THE SQUISHYBOTTOMS is one of the founding members of the realm of Stygia. She is also the wife of Soo Ma Tai and they have a beautiful daughter, Ulari. Many know Juniper as the renowned merchant of Trade Wynds where she sells goods and garb at events and on the magic scrying portal known as the internet. Many years ago she made her way as a sorceress and a dancer, entrancing the shaman Soo Ma Tai who decided to take her as his wench. He decided it would be a good idea to teach her to fight. Shall we say it was love at first J-hook? Today Juniper, Soo, and their goblin daughter Ulari (aka Buttons) help oversee the realm.

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