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  • Real Name: Andrew Jones
Ixous on the Barbarian Throne at the Bristol Ren Fair
  • Race: Human
  • Realm: Wolfpack
  • Unit:
  • Fighting Since: 2003
  • Squired To: Sir Davit Feathersqual and Sir Killian Atreides the Goat
    • Squiring Since: April 2012
  • Previous Unit: The Order
    • Unit Rank: Master, Former Grand Master
  • Previous Unit: Ebon Light
    • Unit Rank: Scion

Event History

  • War of the Iron Fist '04
  • Gates of Summer '04
  • Wolfpack Opener '04-'05-'06-'07-'08-'09-'10-'11-'12
  • Oktoberfest '05-'06 '10-'11-'12, '15
  • Spring War '05-'06 '11-'12
  • Clan of the Hydra Mini-Event '05-'06
  • Loderia Mini-Event '05-'06
  • War of the Five Factions '06
  • Rhun Closer '06,'09
  • Winter War '05
  • Mux Mini '11
  • Bear Blast '11
  • Gates of Summer '12
  • Armageddon '10,'12
  • Knightfall Cookout 2012
  • Battle of First Dawn '12
  • Kill, Grill and Chill '12
  • Thaw Brawl 2013
  • Yestare 2014
  • Belegarth Fantasy Con 2014
  • Battle for the Ring VI

A Story of Ixsain

Master Ixsain ready for battle. Photo by Victoria Ellis Photography
Ixsain felt the calming touch of the goddess upon his head and shoulders as he knelt down behind the log. The weight of the burden under his arm seems lifted and peace came to him. The sound around him drifted out and the familiar twinkle of light illuminated a path for him. He hesitated thinking about the other members of The Order near him, he remember that he was responsible now for them.

“TWANG” An arrow lodged itself in the shield on his back and he knew that was also a sign, perhaps not from Ethnessa, that he should move now!

His steps fell in line with the lighted path in front of him. Every step he took shook the illusion from his feet in widening waves and they dissipated behind him. Many times before when Ethnessa would show him the path, he would see only glimpses of what was happening around him. The stern face of his godfather, Dac, glaring out from cowled head, always calm even as the man before him fell to a heap.
Master Ixsain and Master Dac making battle plans. Photo by Victoria Ellis Photography
Twenty paces and a flash of Disciple Grease throwing a man to the ground and pinning him there with a spear. The path leads through a man armed and ready for a charge, Ixsain lowers his shoulder to brace and as he does a familiar “TWANG” sounds. The arrow strikes and the man goes limp while Ixsain throws his weight and that of his shield into him. The man is thrown from sight. The path is forgotten momentarily as his vision focuses on Adept Fayne knocking another arrow. The sound drifts away again as a reminder to stay focused. The thundering of his own footsteps rushes in his ears.

Guided by fate, the light, the goddess Ethnessa, Ixsain found in these moments that he would be untouchable. The path of the universe lay before him. All those feelings of being small and meaningless disappeared. He knew that in this moment that the balance of the universe was being maintained with every step the Goddess graced him with. Every battle fought, every near miss, was to keep the balance of all things. Order and Chaos must exist in balance, or the end of all things would come.Suddenly the vision fades and the din of battle returns to his ears. He looks from under his hooded face to see that at least five adepts along with Disciple Sage had joined behind him. He tossed the chest he was carrying back to Adept Ontarius and brought his sword forward. The sword was forged from the planer metals of the Ordered realm. The blade was straight and stout, marred but worthy. The seven men in front of him took a stance to block the end of the ravine and the way only way out. Nine greatswords came into his vision near the edges of his cowl. One of the men threw a javelin, and that was the beginning of the end. The sundered pieces of shield and armor of the enemy were thrown about the base of the ravine. One man fell to his knees and begged for mercy.

Ixsain breathing heavily stepped forward. His sword felt sturdy in his hands. The light blazed from his blade and appeared to settle on the man. The light fell through him and set forward a path out of the ravine. He could tell that Dac had seen the path as well.

“Know this mercenary, today you were spared by those who protect you from Chaos. I am Ixsain, son of Ixous. We are The Order.”

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