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The Hidewalker is the carrier and vessel of bugbear lore. Strong and wise, this Bugbear carries and shares our culture, and maintains its purity. Hidewalkers are also the only Bugbears permitted to gaze upon Marjack's arm, the symbol of a Bugbear's strength. The last hidewalker was Nanga Doomspear, Gojun-Ashi and Headhunter of the Horde. This title has since passed to Warmaster Hakan, Gojun-Ashi of the Lost River.

The Hidewalkers are an otherworldly sort, said to have eyes that see this world and beyond it. They feel Marjack's hunger in the quaking earth, and hear his rage in the thunder of storms. In times past Nanga had walked amongst the tribes, his holy sight guiding them to prominence and glory, but as he grew older and faded from history and his post, the Bugbear hordes declined.

Years passed, and though some bugbear remained in the lands of Belegarth, most had forgotten the might of the Bugbear and what it meant to stand before their fury; Then came a Gojun-Ashi, or lowest warrior in the tongue, born of rage and mountain fire. He crossed the lands ever westward, gaining strength and learning a cruel sort of cunning. All the while following the 'War song' that thrummed in his head. The 'War Song' was a hard sort of thing to explain to those who couldn't hear its ceaseless call, its instruments were the ringing of steel and cries of lesser races. It bellowed in the fires of sacked cities, whispered in the falling snow, and forced him always forward to the next fight. The next chance to offer worship to his God.

In the Highlands of Chaos, the Gojun-Ashi Hakan heard a new verse in the storms that swept across the fields of war. As he the rains fell, cleansing him of what he had been before as 'The Song' lulled him and stirred a new purpose within his being.

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