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Belegarth Medieval Combat Society
  • Status: Active
  • Location: Peoria, IL
  • Last Wiki Update: 23 August 2017
  • As a member of the Belegarth Medieval Combat Society (BMCS) this realm follows all the rules and regulations laid out in the Book of War.


  • Facebook: Grond on Facebook
  • Website: none
  • Forums: none
  • Contact E-mail:


  • Place: We meet at First Christian Church on North University next to the Post office. We have a large field outside to use as well as an indoor gym for the cooler months with bathrooms and water. Google Map of Location
  • Time and Day: We practice every Monday and Wednesday 6:00pm-10pm in warm months . In colder months we move inside and shorten the hours on Mon. and Wed. to 6:30pm-9pm. Be sure to keep up to date on our Facebook page for changes in practice times!
  • Requirements: All you need to join us is a good attitude, willingness to learn. Age of at least 16 with a signed waiver from your parents/legal guardian. If you are over 18 just sign our waiver.
  • We occasionally gather on to build new weapons repair old ones and make garb. We encourage everyone to come and learn from these events. The dates will be posted on our Facebook page.



  • Grond is the Peoria metro area Belegarth realm.

On August 8th 2013 a small group lead by three individuals Maestro, Tempelhoff Apok,and Nénharma founded a Realm in the Peoria metro area. In the ensuing time the realm has grew from under 10 members claiming it to over 40. In January of 2015 the ruling body of the War Council gave the realm of Grond speaking rights. The realm holds two annual events a year Shake off and March for independence.

Maestro-Thane of the Realm
empty role currently-Hand of the King, Second in command (main communications)
Goomba and Noodles - Masters at Arms
Nightshade -Scribe

Knights of the Realm

Acolytes of the Realm



Grond currently acknowledges 2 Awards

  • Warrior: Award given for skill in combat. Fighters will compete against others in a series of combat challenges there are 10 in total. After level 5 achieved they are given the rank "Doombringer" the 10th level is at this time open for naming the honor of naming it is given to the first member in good standing who accomplishes this feat.

Current "Doombringer"s

  • Dragon

For exceptional service to the realm to be given by Thane of the realm at a feast.

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