Fierce Blades

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Fierce Blades Tribe Symbol

Fierce blades tribe, is comprised of 2 goblyns and a hobgoblynz. One goblyn was really good using 2 swords, and the other gobo was realllly good with a slightly bigger sword that could break sheild and the hobo gobo had a sword on a long stick that allowed him to attack things really far away. Well one day these orcs calling them selves uruk kai were attempting to take the best spot by a peeing bush and we put our heads together. The hobo gobo with a sword stick scared them by poking em in the butts, they ran and hid behind some sturdy sticks so our other gobo started hacking away at it with his slightly bigger sword. They ran from the cover and we went ooogaa boogaaa with my 2 swords and they were like *oh you swords are so scary and fierce* and we were like *duh* psh dumb orks and we decided from then on we were the fierce blades tribe

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