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Esotere Symbol

Esoteres are the elders and religious leaders of the Deep Ones. They wield great power given to them by their god Dagon. They are great healers, storytellers, and messengers of Dagon. They aim to preserve Deep One culture as well as the great oceans that are their home.

Requirements of an Esotere:

  • Be a Deep One (attain the Mark of Dagon)
  • Become apprentice to a current Esotere
  • Make an Esotere Talisman
  • Tell the stories of the Deep Ones
  • Create a unique Deep One story for yourself and relate it to lore.
  • Pass the trial of Dagon set forth by the Esoteres

An Esotere is denoted by the symbol of the Esotere on a talisman and/or belt flag.

Current Esoteres

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