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Fighter Info

  • Real Name: Penelope McCarter
  • Fighting Since: 2006
  • Secondary Fighting Style: Glaive

Other info

  • Seamstress: I'm a seamstress with inspiration from Lady Armstrong. I enjoy creating medieval tunics, dresses, and hoods to name a few. I'm recently taking commissions to further my growth, and opportunity in this field.
  • Fighter by day, hooper by night: You're likely to find me performing hula hoop dance, or fire spinning around camp. Hula hoop performing brings a vibrant, and eclectic aspect to Belegarth nightlife. I love that hula hooping has a flow, and moving meditation that I experience similarly in fighting.


For those with no hope, Ember gave light in a sew of darkness. At a young age Ember the Light Bringer was granted a pristine charm. She tried to get rid of this charm, feeling as though it was a curse upon her. Her efforts fell short, as the talisman couldn't be passed on, or misplaced. Word spread from island to island of a warrior who held a talisman so powerful, it could save the world. Even though she didn't fully understand how this charm worked, she knew to keep it by her side at all times. On one particular clash, a primordial big enough to dwarf a tidal wave caught wind of an upheaval. The beast plundered the Earth in hopes of eliminating Embers small but growing army. Fear was an afterthought as she climbed a heap of centuries old and jagged lava rock, along the shore. She stopped when she met the creatures gaze. The primordial stared her down with such fury and rage like she'd never seen before. In that moment, the creature sent both fists hurtling towards her. Ember jumped high, and the primordial clashed into unforgiving rock. The attack felt like an earthquake and started something bigger. The grand Mt. Sonuaha erupted. As molten lava flew through the air and oozed down all sides, Light Bringer had an idea... and with the help of all the islanders the primordial was pinned directly in the path of Lava. Days swept by, giving the lava time to cool and harden over the heathen. The tide rose and covered it like a blanket. It still lived, but could only dream. It's dreams took control of those weak enough to let it, convincing them to free him, with the promise of power and fortune. Ember wasn't affected, for she had an evil eye Talisman ever powerful. Where there is darkness there is light, and Ember brought the light on that pivotal day.

Fire hooping at KGC 15'
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