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Earth Elementals may be made of common mineral structures, and might not seem as exciting as other showier elements at first but don't be fooled... they represent something far more fundamentally important than they may first appear to.

According to legend, in the very beginning when the Space Elementals (creatures sometimes conjectured to be the race others mistook as gods) were in their perfect storm of creation, the element of earth was the first to be given physical mass and weight.

It is said that the element of earth was created to become the foundation for the experience of any other element. No mortal creature on the world of Belegarth can live without earth...

None could feel the breezes across their skin without a spinning planet for the gasses to cling to.

None could sit under the shade of a beautiful tree on a hot day without the earth giving support and sustenance to the plant.

None could huddle with friends by a fire's warmth without earth to grow the firewood and ground to place it on.

None could sip from a stream without earth for it to run through and filter it.

All mortals are created out of the minerals of earth...

...and all mortals are taken back into the embrace of earth in the end.

"Do not take the earth as a wish already granted. Care for the earth and it will care for you. Displease it, and you will despair." - Philosopher Anwar Khol


Don't be fooled by thinking all earthen creatures are alike, however! Earth Elementals come in many sizes, shapes, colors, and temperaments!

For example, you could conceivably find any of the following types and more:

- A mudman type might fling rocks and mud, be prone to arguments, and have little to no knowledge of or care for the customs of others.

- A clay type might fight in a very smooth, flexible fashion - changing and adapting to whatever the situation needs but standing firm when the need arises.

- A gem type might be mysterious, elusive, and colorful.

- A stone type might be rigid, inflexible, but extremely protective.

- A lava type might be explosive, unpredictable, and stubbornly slow to move when they don't feel like it.

- A sand type might be shifty, warm, grating, or serene, depending on their mood.

- A fallen meteor type might be strangely alluring, move very quickly, and seem quite out of place.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even within these subtypes, no two Earth Elementals act exactly the same way. You could, for instance, meet a mudman who is a wise shaman healer, or a bright sparkly gem who loves talking to people, or a stone who just rolls along from camp to camp - easily making new friends, or a lava type who enjoys being a world-builder and helps others around them to grow.

Furthermore, these are not the only types of Earth Elementals either! There are as many types as there are types of Earth, and some Earth Elementals even seem to go through a cycle of each type mentioned above over long periods of time, changing from one type of earth into another.


The origins of Earth Elementals are as numerous as the grains of sand. Some are risen by wizards, some drawn forth by some crisis in the natural world, some simply springing from the ground seemingly for no reason at all, some so old they simply do not remember a time they did not exist. Each elemental has their own unique story and evolution from one part of their journey to another.

Known Earth Elementals / Rocks

Garnet the Earth Elemental




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