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Fighter Information

Durnaur at Geddon 2016

Name: Durnaur ThoronMegil
Titles: His Esteemed Grace Sir Durnaur "Thumper" ThoronMegil, esq. Lord of Laurelad, by the Grace of the Valar, Grand Duke and former High King of the Realm of Middle~Earth, Defender of the Crown, Master Sinister of the Children of Nidhogr, Founder of House Dolen'Anar, Scion of House Hyborea.
Actual Name: Devon
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Realm:Middle earth.
Unit: Children of Níðhöggr
Primary Fighting Style: Insults, booze, SnB, single blue.
Favorite Shot: scotch. but not in shots. barrels.
Favorite Brew: stouts and ciders
House: Dolen'Anar - first of the House
Fighting Since: 2008-ish mainly in Dag.

Other Information

Knight of Middle Earth, former guy in charge. generally considered a colossal failure at Knighthood, Realm Leadership, and peopling, but is somehow still around. Wears personal heraldry or grey warden griffons. Can usually be found in a rocking chair somewhere shaded. Always down for a drink and a chat. Usually about something completely absurd.

Events Attended

Wolfpack Opener - 2013-2019
Spring Wars - 2017
Armageddon - 2016-2019
OKFEST - 2015-2019


Durnaur was born to poor parents on the small coastal island of Tol Vana. He fled the island at a young age and made his way ever-so-slowly across Middle Earth, meeting a myriad of strange and marvelous folk. One of those people was Sir Gheldar Blackthorn, then High King of Middle Earth. After founding the small frontier town of Laurelad, Durnaur sought and gained a squireship under Sir Gheldar. He was released from service after a short time for conduct unbecoming. bitter and angry, it took years to become better, and eventually regain his status as a squire. More years passed, but eventually at an event on the Fields of Pelennor, Durnaur was to be knighted. But he accidentally caused a blood feud within the realm, and attempted to disappear in shame. Sir Gheldar, in a last noble act before retiring from Realm service, knighted him anyway and crowned him as his successor. (nobody else wanted the job) Durnaur would serve as High King for three years. Serving poorly to be sure. But trying. Kind of. Maybe. Eventually, members of the old sections of the Realm began to return. And Durnaur poofed away, never to be heard from again. Thank the Valar for that.

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