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Fighter Name: Didymus

Real Name: Jackie Riddle

Colors: Purple and green

Realm: Korriban, Andúril, Korriban Thursday

House: Crows

Race: Nadar

Fighting Style: Sword and board

Fighting Since: 2017

Persona Backstory (in progress)

The goddess sent out her god plants in the form of seeds. The seed of compassion ended up in a forest, taking the form of a clematis vine. As it grew, it enveloped the tree whose trunk it wrapped around. The two became like one cohesive organism, and watched over the wildlife around it. It wasn’t the only one keeping an eye on the wildlife, however. A busy little fox, would hurry around and tend to any orphaned or injured animals. She was a rather fierce protector, despite her diminutive stature. The little fox would gently carry even the least likely of animals to safety if they were unable to get there themselves. Bringing food at regular intervals, making sure they could sleep without fear of attack. But as the forest continued to be pushed in and torn apart by the pinkies, there was less and less space for the animals to live in, agitating the delicate balance. Predators became more violent, less cautious. A wolf came for an injured doe, and the fox put herself between them, attempting to draw the wolf away, but she wasn’t fast enough. The wolf sank its teeth into her, thrashed her around, and tossed her to the side to get to his prey. She flew, limp, and hit the tree with a thud before slumping down. Her last breaths were labored, as she looked over to the doe, as if apologizing for her failure, before fading into blackness, out of consciousness. The vines inched and lifted from the roots of the tree, creeping their way around the fox’s lifeless body. Light swallowed the whole of them, and where there once was a tree was now a creature, featuring bark of the tree, vines and flowers from the clematis, all intertwined with the anatomy of the fox. Thus, Didymus was born. She let out a low growl and the wolf abandoned his quarry. Gratitude beamed off the doe as it limped away. Filled with a sense of calm, Didymus knew what she must do. She must protect the forest and all the creatures in it. She headed to the edge and began to regrow the damaged flora.

Events Attended

  • Korriban Potluck and Tournaments (x3) 2018
  • War of Wrath 2018
  • Battle of Blackwater 2018
  • Battle of the Ring 2019
  • Sword Coast Fundraiser 2019
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