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The Demonslayers formed in 2018 as a crossgaming fighting collective, committed to combat, competitive spirit, and sportsmanship in all modern foam-sword sports.

At events Demonslayers typically camp out with friends and family at Demon Island (BFTR), Demon Grove (CW), and Demon Mountain (Rag).

Demonslayers Symbol


Tourney Stats

  • Chaos Wars 22, 2018: The Demonslayers smashed it, winning the 5v5 tournament, placing 3rd in 2v2, 2nd in Polearm, and 3rd in Red.
  • Ragnarok 34, 2019: The Demonslayers placed well in the tourneys, taking 2nd in Sword & Board, 3rd in Single Blue, and 3rd in Spear, as well as making a stellar run in the team brackets despite facing their heaviest competition yet.
  • Battle for the Ring 12, 2020: The Demonslayers placed 2nd in the Sword & Board tournament, and for the first time ever, assembled a 10-man team to compete in the main event with an explosive run that will set the stage for the years to come.

Four Horsemen Challenges

Chaos Wars XXII - Demonslayers vs. The Juggernauts (Win/10-1) / vs. Horde (Win/10-1) / vs. Elite Blood Falcons (Loss/4-10)

Ragnarok XXXIV - Demonslayers vs. KOTOS (Keepers of the Obsidian Stag) (Win/10-6)

Battle for the Ring XII - Demonslayers vs. The Juggernauts (Win/10-1) / vs. Peter and the Quickies (PTQ, Bel, Bran, Hobbit) (Loss/4-10) / vs. Wardens (Beta Squad) (Win/10-6)



4-Horsemen Tourney, Ragnarok 34
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