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Discussion for Category: Top Ten People


  • Last official Judging was on 12/16/2005
  • Next Judging to take place around ????


<Madog> Koom can you edit the top ten or is it locked to you?

Koom: Blocked

<Jikanta> How can Koom be in the top 10 people and also be a judge of the top 10 people? That's silly.  :P

<Madog> Do you want to judge the top ten then Jikanta?

<Jikanta> Nope. But I *do* think it's a good idea to have a top 10 contest to encourage people to write stuff in the Wiki... I just think it's kinda goofy for one of the judges to also be in the contest, you know?  :)

<Necronos> I think the top 10 idea should be expanded upon. I'm going to start a top 10 realms category. I need judges!

<Jothardin> So if I judge does that mean my realm automatically gets to be in the top ten? What if more than one person from my realm judges? Do we get multiple top ten listings?

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