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Full Name: Beatrix/z Diviana


Unit: DGMA

Realms: Stygia

House: Valkyries

Fighting Since: Mid-October 2011

Race: Faery

Fighting Styles: Florentine, Single Blue, Archery, Sword and Board (preferred), Pole-Arm (second preferred)

Real Name: Emily Lint

Events Attended: Thaw Brawl (2013), Stygia Opener (2013), Stygia Kill and Grill (2013), Stygia Opener (2014)


Beatrix met a young half-elven man while eating in a foreign place to her, human food, bleh, but at least they had the deliciousness of chocolate. Her face was mauled by the effects of her torture, inflicted by the power hungry humans that kidnapped her and imprisoned her, before trying to rip her away from her magicks, in effect ripping her soul. Her hair once curled and light, was now thick and straight, her eyes drained from the magical glow, and the right side of her face near her eye almost completely ripped from her and unable to heal. She yearned for a place to get strong and find her way back home to her family. The young half-elf knew nothing of where Fae's lived, but he did know a place where strength could be attained. In this place called Stygia.

He brought her to the first day of training. Being from the Fae woods she had never seen so many different races fighting amongst each other before. Elves, orcs, trolls, nymphs, a kobold, she recognized many races. Beatrix jumped back to avoid a tall foxtaur chasing a snotling swiftly before tackling her to the ground and grabbing his arrows from her small hands into his mouth with his large teeth. They both laughed as Beatrix blinked at them, the foxtaur looked up and winked at her before sauntering off to ready himself for battle.

She was hooked onto fighting from the start and only wished to learn more. Once a studier of books, now a trainee in the art of sword fighting. One of the newest members of the DGMA, she has much loyalty to her high council and to those who earn her respect. Beatrix is kind, but does not trust easily and can often be seen as cold or arrogant to those she does not know. Many in the realm joke her, for her race is not meant for their fighting prowess, but many a people have underestimated Faes in the past...and none have proven to be right.

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