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Achilles looking right at the camera.

Achilles of Ered Duath

Unit: ABF

Names: Achilles/A'chyllez - Hobbit Too

Started Fighting: 2002


Ered Duath in Provo
ZY in Orem.

Past Realms: EBY in Orem.


Great Hunt: Abbot

Fighting Styles: Sword and Board and Javelin. Disarming Smile. 'Spear'.

Achilles about ready to kill you

Event Attendance

Chaos Wars 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Battle for The Ring 2015, 2016, 2017
Beltane 2017
Okfest 2015, 2016
Wolfpack Opener 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Battle for Pyke 2016
Western Wars 2015, 2016
Battle of Teutoburg Wald 2014, 2016
War of the Forbidding 2015, 2016, 2017
Silica Vale 2016
Battle of Andor 2016
Battle of Anigawa 2016, 2017
Phoenix Rising 2015
Highlands of Chaos Opener 2015, 2016, 2017
Border Wars 2016, 2017
Sword Knight Boot Camp 2016
Frozen Warriors 2016, 2017
Battle of Black Water 2015, 2016
Harvest Massacre 2016
Armoured Penguins: Defroster 2016
War of the Gate 2015, 2016
Norcalia Moot 2016
Armoured Penguins: Sai 2016
Salt Wars 2015, 2016
Thaw Brawl 2015, 2016, 2017
War of Wrath 2015
Mannetherin 2015, 2016
Iron Isles 2015
Days of Adventure 2015
Yastare 2014



"We got this guys!!! :D"


Desires to become the best fighter from a young age.
Achilles was scared when he first fought, only fighting people from behind.
A friend of his, named Nash told him that he would never get any better if he always did this.
He realized this was true, and fought people one on one losing over and over, but slowly learning.

A Murder story

Background: *Mousike - intelligence related schooling in ancient Greece
Paidotribe - ancient greek teacher
Slowly as time went on, his desire to kill people grew. at a young age he was bullied in mousike*.

I was the second oldest of five children. Hobbit, my twin, was nine minutes too old. My parents kept me home from mousike to help raise the youngest siblings; Poro, Sibyl, Jarrett. I first started going to school when I was nine years of age. I was a bit behind the other children and needed help. I asked other children for help but I was not good with words, they would tease me.

Break, was the time of the day I always favored, we were able to play games. Mousike was a new experience but I embraced it. Break was a time for me to relax, before continuing to work as hard as I could on my skills. Reading and writing were my biggest struggle, but I managed with the information given to me by the paidotribe**. Before I knew it the end of the day would have arrived and I would head home.

Every day when Hobbit and I would walk back to our clay built home, a bigger kid that would walk along with us. He went by the name, Alexios. - Alexios would taunt, tease, and prod at us, try to get us to fight. He would pull on our tunics and tell us we were little and small. Theophilus was another kid that didn't like us because we were able to pick up what was taught easily, but were unable to communicate to others. It wasn't that we would talk slowly or awkwardly. We were just very quiet unknowing of what to say to anyone our age, we did not socialize.

As time went on, we slowly stopped tolerating these children. We started throwing rocks at them. Us forcing the larger children to leave us alone was a good feeling. Hobbit and I started to defend our friends as well, however our parents needed us at home, so we didn’t get to defend them often. When we did make it to school, our tormentors were now preparing themselves and started bringing their own weapons or gather a group of children to make an example of us.

While we were walking home from school one day, there was a group of them waiting for us. We tried to run, but they caught us and beat us to a pulp. I still bare a mark on my left side of my eye because of this beating. Hobbit and I, went to Alexios's house the next morning, and waited for him to leave to mousike. On his travels to mousike, when he took a shortcut through an alleyway, this was our chance. We were going to make an example of him. You don't mess with us, however it went farther than we ever planned. I grabbed a large rock and Hobbit grabbed a sturdy stick. As he came around the corner, I smashed in his face with the rock. Alexios screamed in pain, as blood started to pour down his face, he tried to run from us, but with Hobbit on the other side of him he took his only exit and tripped over some wore down steps. He frantically got up, but not three steps further, he fell again. Our tormentor started coughing up blood. My brother and I stood there watching his pitiful struggle, unsure if we were to help or end his pain. We did nothing, and a few minutes later he was lifeless. After a silent deciding that it was better this remained unseen, we hid his body in a nearby canal. We had no intentions to kill him, but strangely I felt like I had so much power because of it. I could decide the fate of others. I would never be weak or abused by others again. Maybe my brother would continue on life as normal, but I knew it was only a matter of time before I decided the fate of the rest of our tormentors, Theophilus being my next target.


Achilles is very competitive
Can often be found fighting off to the side of the battlefield sparring one vs one
Willing to fight anyone
Achilles's personal symbol, Created March 14th 2017
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