The Kyulick Clan

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The Main Body of the Kyulicks


The Kyulicks are a group of fighters originating in Khatovar. Founded by ZAO Dahkia around 2004, The Kyulicks started as a house with members of different units. In 2008, ZAO Dahkia handed the title of "ZAO" to B3a5t, who living in Rivendell, has worked to spread the unit to national standing.

The Kyulicks are deeply rooted with a sense of sportsmanship and aggression, while, trying to keep it fun. In 2008, The Kyulicks allied with Serenity to form "The War Machine".

Also, in 2009, they instituted the title of "Feral" as sort of a "new recruit" rank for the unit. Interested in joining us? Come find the Kyulicks at Khatovar camp at events, or visit the website at


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