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Artist Unknown


Fighter Information

Fighting Name: Dragoon Plithut
Real Name: Seth C.
Gender: Male
Unit(s): Gelf
Primary Fighting Style: Florentine and Archery
Fighting Since: 4/1/2002
Fighting Status: Retired

Other Information

  • Sometimes known as Mayhem Muhammad
  • Squired to Dragoon Ralimar
  • Knighted by Ralimar at Chaos Wars XIV (2011)
  • 17th Knight of the Highlands (Revoked 03/30/2018)
  • Follower of Slaanesh, The Prince of Excess
  • Belegarth Vice President 2006/2007
  • How do you spell Plithut? P-BITCH

Events Attended

Too many too list and likely many more


Dragoon Plithut rocking the projectile weapons
Dragoon Plithut and friends looking awesome
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