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The symbol of the Iron Crown
The Army of the Iron Crown was a Unit composed of evil forces (specifically, the Uruk-Hai, Clan of the Hydra, and the Moredain) dedicated to combined arms, a disciplined and well-organized and commanded force, and the effective use of large-scale tactics. It first fought during Spring War 06, with great success.



The component units of the Iron Crown all had a shared goal - to create a large, effective fighting force on the field that used combined arms and tactics to change the face of the Belegarth battlefield. None of the three units were able to accomplish this on their own, however, due to a lack of size and diversity. Their different specialties complemented each other, so to they decided to form a new unit together, the Iron Crown. Clan of the Hydra primarily brings the support weapons, with a large number of polearms and archers, as well as archer guards. The Uruk-Hai specialize in providing a massive front line of sheildmen, as well as flexible reserve forces. The Moredain provide well-armored heavy flankers to protect the rear and sides of the army and supply shock troops as needed. Together, they form a force which is far more effective than they could ever be separately.

Origin of the Name and Symbol

The symbol is the Iron Crown of Morgoth, topped by the three Silmarils of Tolkien legend, which each represent one of the three component units of the Army. Morgoth was the great Enemy of Tolkien's world, more evil and powerful than even Sauron.


All members of the Iron Crown are members of either Clan of the Hydra, the Uruk-Hai, or the Moredain, and all members of those units are members of the Iron Crown. To join the Iron Crown, you must join one of it's component units.


The Army of the Iron Crown at Spring War 2006 (larger version)

Spring War 06 was the first event the Iron Crown attended together. It fielded roughly 65 fighters and had great success. During the first unit battle, all of the other units on the field attacked Iron Crown together. While the Iron Crown was finally crushed under the onslaught, when it was all over there were fewer than 40 fighters remaining alive on the field scattered among a number of units. The remainder of the field of 400+ had been killed in their assault on the Iron Crown.

Iron Crown will be fighting at Armageddon and Oktoberfest as well. Due to the limited geographic range of much of it's membership, other events will not see the full force of the Iron Crown for some time, but they shall.

The above claim has been disputed. During said Spring War, the field converged toward Iron Crown but also mercilessly slaughtered one another as they approached and as they fought the Iron Crown, which took a defensive position on their right flank and attacked with their center left flank. At the time that their last man fell, there were probably about 40 other fighters on the field. It is worth noting that the complex scenario did later actually happen at Oktoberfest 2006, and during the first unit battle (with a field of over four-hundred combatants) every other group formed an alliance against the Iron Crown of seventy-men and women, and did not swing upon each other until the last Iron Crown member had fallen. A decisive flanking maneuver made a quick end to the solid Iron Crown front lines in that battle.

Iron Crown as explained by Bodhi

From the boards:

"the Iron Crown is a conglomeration (note: not an alliance) of Uruk-hai, Clan of the Hydra, and the Mordain. It is suppose to more or less be loosely based on the converging of the evil armies in the LotR. While we are made up of different units, we fight as one, intermingles in command and structure. The closest thing that I have seen that you could compare would be the hellhammer-horde group at O-fest. but our purpose is to create large unit formations with a command structure and sense of unity as well as implementing large scale tactics. It also gives us something more to do as well as upscale our motivation in this game."

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