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"The Northmen of Fenrir"

Dimma Ulfur means "Dark Wolf" in Icelandic. We are a modern nordic heritage society that recreate the middle ages to have a connection to our ancestors. We participate in a variety of re-enactment and medieval combat societies and pride ourselves in creating and maintaining period-correct personas and the garments, accesories, and gear that go with them.

Our family/clan consists of mainly of Nordic/"Viking" personas from the 9th to 12th centuries, but we also support those personas that interacted with Norsemen during those ages, including Celts, Fresians, and other Northern European races.

The Dimma Ulfur are based primarily out of Glasgow, KY with members in Dun Abhon, Dur-Demarion, Mordor, Washington State, Ohio, Alabama, and Indiana.


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Allies to the Dimma Ulfur

Gone "A Viking"

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