Defensars (Knights of Saint James)

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The Knights of Saint James is a religious order of warriors whose foremost goal is the defense of pilgrims and travelers, and who fight to further the reaches of the Holy Church. Members of the Holy Order of the Knights of Saint James are commonly known as "Defensars," as their course is to defend, in the manner of their patron saint.

Any character who has a crusader theme is welcomed to become a member in this multi-realm unit.

Once a person becomes a Deacon of the Defensars, he or she receives a stole of black, white, and silver, bearing the crest of the Holy Order of the Knights of Saint James.


Pilgrim: Newbie. We provides costume (basic colored tabard) and loaner weapon for practices.

Acolyte: Three or more practices or battles. Owns their own weapon(s). Either must own garb, or must have garb within six weeks of rank.

Confessor: More than three battles, owns their own acceptable minimum fighting garb, and weapons. Can make and repair basic weapons. Recruited at least one member.

Deacon: All of the above, has fighting and feasting garb, mail armor (shirt or more), and has recruited three or more persons into the unit, at least one of which is a Confessor. Must be given their Holy Orders by another Deacon, an Arch-Deacon, or a Bishop or higher of the Holy Church. All Deacons and Arch-Deacons of the Order must approve their ordination. All Deacons receive the black stole of the order, to be worn as they see fit (around neck, in belt, over shoulder, etc).

Archdeacon: The order's equivilent of Knighthood:

• all of the steps prior to Deacon

• must have excellent fighting and feasting garb

• must have fighting and feasting garb specific to the order

• must own mail shirt and coif

• must have shield with personal heraldry or the unit's crest on it

• must have heralded at an event (not a practice)

• must have weapons-checked at an event (not a practice)

• capable of teaching weapons-making

• must host at least one battle with another realm

• must run (or attend) five additional practices in addition to their realm's regular practice times

• must watch the following movies/documentaries:

The Crusades: Crescent and the Cross. Documentary.

Empires - Holy Warriors: Richard the Lionheart & Saladin. Documentary.

Kingdom of Heaven. Movie.

• must submit a research paper on one aspect of the crusades

• must invite an open challenge at a national event and prove his or her combative prowess by defeating any challenger in an armorless duel. Shields ARE permitted, as are any weapons. Unless each challenger is beaten at least once (unless the challenger withdraws his challenge either in word or by removing himself from the contest) then the Deacon cannot advance.

• must be given their chain of office in an ordination ceremony at a national event

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