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Also Known as: Animated Object, Golem, Gargoyle, Warforged, Living statue

A Construct is a broad term that essentially refers to an inanimate object or statue (typically depicting a humanoid or living creature) which was in some way Blessed, Cursed, Enchanted, Merged or otherwise Magically altered in one of many ways to give the statue some form of sentience and/or animation. The most common examples of Constructs in the realms are Golems and Gargoyles.



Constructs are unique among Races in that not only can the shape of their bodies alter drastically, but the very medium in which they are composed of can be many different things. The majority of Constructs imitate a humanoid shape, though it is not uncommon to see animal or bestial likenesses. As far as materials go the most abundant type of Construct seems to be various types of stone; likely due to its strength, durability and abundance in nearly every Realm. Golems and constructs can however be made of nearly any semi solid element such as Clay, Iron, Bronze, Steel, glass, wax and in some morbid cases even bone or flesh.

The size of a construct is not regulated by anything other than the amount of material they are created from and the power of the magic used to give them life. Some constructs are mere inches tall while others are colossal sized guardians of entire cities; they average construct is typically human sized give or take. On the same token a Construct’s weight is completely predicated on the size and building material it was crafted from, they are almost always heavier than their truly living counterparts of similar size due to Stone and metal weighing far more than typical humanoid physiology.

The Physical attributes and abilities of Golems and their like are as far ranging as other parts of their makeup, though they tend to be more durable and powerful than other races they are also slower on average; this is by no means a universal rule however.


Constructs cannot Reproduce in a traditional sense, they could possibly gain the magic abilities to animate another being in to life.


Some degree of individuality has been notices among Constructs (typically favoring the Wizard or deity who granted them life in many cases) but they are far and away more stoic and reserved than many other races. They tend to be very slow to anger and incredibly patient, but as with everything this is not universally true. It has been especially noted in Golems/Constructs shaped like fierce or wild animals and beasts have strongly taken on behavioral traits of the creatures they mimic. One odd personality quirk about golems is that they are likely one of the most instinctively diverse creatures in the Realms, when they are “born” they tend to be competent if not exceptional as using whatever gear or weapons was created with them. For instance, if a statue depicting a famous archer came to life it would almost certainly be a fantastic archer from its fist moments. On average they tend to struggle to learn new things at the same pace as other humanoid beyond their starting skills.


Constructs tend to speak less than many other races and some have no ability to speak at all; those that do typically speak the language of their creator or the dialect of the person/creature they resemble.


Constructs are not known to have a society of their own instead they tend to either stay to the fringes of society and in some cases hide altogether (like gargoyles on buildings) or at most intermingle with other social groups on an individual basis. Many a powerful warlord or Wizard will keep a golem or 2 as a hidden guard disguised as a statue in his garden or home. When not bound into service the average construct sticks to less populated areas like wildlands, caves or abandoned dungeons.


Constructs are not typically very artistically gifted themselves, some say this is because they don’t have complete souls of their own while other seem to think its just hard to hold a paintbrush with giant stone hands. Almost all Constructs are attracted to and appreciative of any form of art, this is not entirely surprising given that in many cases they are a walking form of artwork themselves.


Constructs tend to no be among the most innovative of races, although they can learn to use technology in its most complicated forms, almost all Constructs are simple or even animal like and tend to have an indifference towards progress and change.

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