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The Banner of the Apostles



"Do as thou will"

General Information

Started in the Summer of 2009, the Apostles were planned as the elite striker wing of Salamandastron, specializing in aggressive maneuvers, such as flanking, breaking shield walls, and assaulting archer nests. However- this page is under construction...


That the forests that bind Salamandastron to the coast house houses treacherous dangers behind every jagged shadow is common knowledge to all who call the Realm home. However, in its deepest reaches, a more directed evil beckons with a misty claw to a certain type of individual, bound to it by Causality itself. Those chosen, in the moment of their greatest despondency, find themselves inextricably drawn to darkest clutches of the forest. There, they are given a choice by the heralds of the Dark Gods; Be granted a measure of their power, or be swallowed up by the gates of Hell.

Those who reemerge from the forests may resemble the beings who stumbled into them only a few days previously. Indeed, some may not even recall the horrific choice laid before them until many seasons later. Unfortunately, that is a rarity, as most relish in the memory of the power granted to them, and the only Commandment they are obliged to follow: "Do as thou will." Such Apostles use their new abilities to act out their unique facet of Id that drew them to the Dark Gods in the first place.


As of February 2024, there are only three members of the Apostles, but this is expected to swell moderately in the coming months
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