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Other Titles: None
Race: Changeling
Realm: Tir Asleen
Unit: None
Other Affiliations: None

About: Alltin started fighting with Tir Asleen during the recruitment boom of 2013. As the fall progressed he became increasingly involved especially with her fellow recruits. During the ramp up to Okfest he helped several of them with grab projects. He continues to adapt and learn new fighting skills and will no doubt improve greatly in the future.
Lore: When a mommy and daddy changeling love each other very much they make a baby changeling. Rather than raising it themselves changeling parents steal the baby of another race replacing it with their own. The changeling child then takes the identity of the stolen baby and lives out the first several years of its life learning how to mimic its host species. After sufficient time, the changeling will fake its own death and rejoin their real parents. What the parents do with the stolen child is a mystery.

Alltin's parents were no different. They chose to deposit him with a human family in the kingdom of Eriador. Before Alltin could fake his death, the roving goblin armies came into the area burning and killing all the humans therein. Rather than being killed Alltin adapted his form after the first goblin he saw. This gobo happened to be Reeka Grikhunter. Disguised as a goblin boy, Alltin was able to go with the Horde without being noticed.

Weapons of Choice: Sword and Board
Fighting Since: Fall 2013
Events Attended:
Oktoberfest 2013

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