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A'Layl of Numenor
A'Layl, Former Captain of Heidoran


The Facts

Realm: Numenor

Unit: Formerly captain of Heidoran. Currently wandering aimlessly.

Weapons of Choice: Spear & Glaive (yes, sometimes together... it may not be trendy yet, but just wait)

Real name: James Owens

Started Fighting: 2002


A’Layl comes from a land of simplicity. Born to a father being of the last lines of leprechauns, and a mother raised a simple farm-girl, A’Layl hid his dubious ancestry and meager inheritence by delving into the learnings and lore of the simple community in which he was raised.

As a boy he spent his days plowing fields and hunting with his neighbors in the nearby woods. He was taught to read at an early age by his father, who wished him to be able to read music and join the local choir. Having no talent of voice whatsoever, A’Layl applied his newfound literary skill elsewhere and was soon accepted to University in the lands of Numenor.

He studied well, and soon would have become a respectable sage of science, where it not for the darkening of the lands and the rise of evil within the world. War was waged upon the mighty Numenorians, and all care for study was given up in desire for life and freedom.

Many of the women and children of the realm fled to whatever safe havens they might find, and indeed, most of the University students used what privileges they had to secure a discreet passage out of the lands. Even though he considered himself below the rank of the common folk of such a great nation, A’Layl still could not bring himself to flee his new home. In the chaos that ensued, he acquired himself a small sword and sturdy shield, and stood by his precious university for fear of ransack by filthy orcs, who have no love for books or knowledge.

After the initial surge of battle, one of the noblemen of the country, one Sir Kegg of Westfield, decided to establish an elite fighting unit dedicated to the protection of the lands. This unit was the Heidoran, or Spears of the West. A’Layl joined this unit after having heard of the glory attained by and the camaraderie shared by the members. He was well accepted by the group, and was soon helping to bring victories to the side of Humanity.

After a short while, Haardgrim, the leader of the Heidoran, offered to teach A’Layl how to use a pole-arm. This was standard practice with the members of the unit, but A’Layl took to a spear like a poet to a pen.

Soon, Haardgrim was called to sail East, across the sea, and the Heidoran was left in the care of Borric ConDoin. A knightly soul, if ever one existed, Borric encouraged A’Layl’s pursuits of pole-arming, and was deft in utilizing this weapon in battle. Delighted with the function and utility of pole-arms, A’Layl became one of the fastest spearmen in the West.

Soon again, Borric was called Eastward, across the sea, and the leadership of the Heidoran needed to be passed to a new generation. Borric saw fit to entrust the safety and security of the lands to A’Layl, who saw fit to bring new freinds and allies into the fold.

A'Layl spent many seasons championing the cause of the good people of Numenor, and teaching the ways of the pole arm to all those who would learn. But as all things come to an end, so did his career as captain of the Heidoran. He grew restless waiting for enemies to come to him. Driven by a desire to explore new ways, he relinquished the title of captain and struck out on his own, to find a path towards peace and prosperity.

While often called to warfare, A’Layl maintains a calm disposition, and still pursues knowledge when given the leisure to do so. A quick friend, and steady ally, he will always be ready for a call from those in need.

Behind the Scenes

Real Life

In real life, I go by Jim, and I was a student of Aerospace Engineering (sometimes known as 'Rocket Science') at the University of Illinois. I was born (round abouts '83) and grew up in the south Chicago suburbs, and have wanted to be an astronaut and a sword-fighter since I was about 12. Luckily, both were offered in Champaign, so that's where I went to school.

I left Champaign after the summer of '06 for New Orleans, LA where I worked as a Design Engineer for NASA/Lockheed Martin's Orion Project (sorta the sequel to Apollo). There were no fighting groups down here, so I was bored most of the time.

In '10, I moved to Philadelphia, where I spent some time practicing with the local small Dagorhir chapter and building helicopters.

In '15, I moved to Seattle (because, to hell with staying in one region of the country!) to build airplanes and have fallen in for occasional practices with the local Gondor group, and it's brethren in the Dargarth sport.

I know a little bit about computers (enough to have figured out how to make this page), and a little bit about console video games, but very little about any RPGing or MMORPGing or ROFLMAOing or anything of that nature. I'm in the sport mainly for fun and exercise. I have read Lord of the Rings several times though, so I figure that counts for something.

Fun Facts

A'Layl @ Oktoberfest'05
  • I had never camped before my first national event
  • I had never known a girl who played a game (video, computer, role-playing, or really anything other than the card variety) before I started this sport
  • I have a younger brother and sister who alternate between thinking I am a nerd and thinking I am cool... (being over 21 is cool in the eyes of teenagers)
  • I'm pretty sure my parents pray this 'foam fighting' thing is all just a phase.
  • I am, in actuality, a Rocket Scientist (my favorite area of study is orbital mechanics... it's out of this world!)
  • I have told approximately 2000 people about the sport of foam fighting during my stint as a freshmen orientation guide at the U of I campus... but I think only 3 of them ever showed up with any consistancy (nobody really ever listens to tour guides at college)

My Websites

Heidoran of Numenor
Junior Year of College
Senior Year of College

My Name?

I started out calling myself Aillil (who is, subsequently, a figure from celtic mythology). Unfortunately, nobody could say that (something about vowels and i's before e's or something), and so I was just called 'hey you'. Eventually, I became 'hey you with the spear'... to be replaced by 'hey spear'... finally ending up for a good while with 'spear guy'. Nobody bothered to ask if I had a name, real or otherwise, and that's how things went. Eventually, I made friends and became captain of a unit (without practically anyone knowing my name), and then I guess people figured they had to call me something, so someone started saying "Ah-Lay-ul", in attempt to pronounce my chosen name. I figured it was good enough for me, and so I found a way to spell it, and so it is today: A'Layl. (personally, I don't even like the name, but it's too late to change that now)

After a years-long haitus from the sport, I generally just go by Jimmy.

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