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  • Ukronus, Uchronos, U'chronos (Great Darkness), Known as the Sly, the quick, the Trickster, the Betrayer, Raven-Eye, One-Eye. Urungnar god of the winds, birds, craftsmen, adventure,and death.

Ucronos was of a smaller build than his brothers, but he used this to his advantage in climbing trees, being swift and silent. He was closest with Una, and came to love her romantically. He would also listen to Utezni, but often clashed with Ugangi. After enduring many arguments with Ugangi, in a fit of rage over what befell Una he betrayed his brother Ugangi. Ugangi in turn slew Ucronos and he became the wind. Uchronos is often hated by ogres since he is an oath breaker who betrayed his brother so that he alone could possess the love of their sister, Una. But he was also the most clever of the gods even finding solutions to problems even Utezni the Wise could not see. He was joyous and proud. Uchronos was the fastest runner and most skilled with knives and bows excelling in hunting. There is a common saying that one is guided by Uchronos' winds when a ogre finds himself in a tough bind or struggle.After tearing out his eye to prove his strength and resolve, it was replaced with the Obellys, and called his Raven Eye. With it he could see the fates of Ogres and he used this ability on the battle field against the godless. He is the only god without mortal offspring, though in a way by his claiming Marbanog as a shaman he “adopted him” He was his son in spirit if not in blood.

He keeps three ravens: Yrr, Thog, and Orr. With his Raven-Eye Uchronos sees the death of ogres and sends his ravens to fetch them to the afterlife, he is constantly on the run from Ugangi’s hunt.

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