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When Rend arrived at the cave the figure he saw in the temple of witchdoctors was standing there waiting.
Rend asked, “What da fuck was dat all about fuckin bitch” The Hag opened her mouth to reply but locusts muffled her speech.
However, Rend was too pissed off about this seemingly endless journey, though he didn't notice his rage seemingly dampened the locust’s sounds and didn’t muffle her as much as when she first opened her mouth. Rend didn’t care how long it took he would get some damned answers. So he listened to her for his answers and slowly the locusts died down but yet not entirely. Once it did she stopped talking and went into the cave. The locusts following her in, Rend followed the locusts and the hag. The cave didn’t really lead into a cave more of a chamber full of random bits of armor and weapons. Rend tried to pick a weapon up but it turned to dust in his hands.
The Hag spoke again the locusts loud as ever.
Rend replied, “So watz da deal wit all dee locust you majikal bitch?”
The locusts responded in a way that sounded like laughter
“Whatz wit dee laughin?”
The locusts surrounding them grew louder in seeming excitement.
Rend’s eyes glowed with rage, and the Hag seemed to notice this making sure to taunt him more.
Rend angered grabbed for another weapon on the ground to throw, however, everything he found turned to dust.
Resorting to one of his own knives he threw it but the Hag lifted a finger and it turned to dust. An irritated look came to Rend as he decided to save his other knives for another time.
The Hag, satisfied that Rend could do nothing against her, walked to the wall with a symbol above it. Rend grew suspicious. What sort of meaning did this symbol hold? It wasn't of any important Goblyn or god that he knew of but he wondered if it had to deal with the presence that Carcass told him about. The symbol had the shape of two lines in a pinky Y but as if were split with swirls around the bottom and top. As soon as the Hag touched the wall and a passageway opened next to her. The Locusts flew inside along with their master. Rend not giving up on this bullshit journey followed her into the tunnel. The tunnel was filled to the brim with a horrible stench of decay and rot. Rend wretched, even for a goblyn this was a potent stench. Still, he followed deeper into the tunnel, the walls becoming less constructed and even more natural. Finally, he reached where the hag was a cavern with a bubbling pool of stench in the middle and skeletons on the floor reaching for it. The Hag rose her arms and spoke and as if from nowhere thousands of locusts came out of the walls, Rend kept his eyes on the Hag though as the locusts swarmed the cavern eating anything in their path except for him and the hag. He then knew that this hag was keeping him alive for something.
Despite the roar of the swarm, Rend shouted at the Hag, “What do you fuckin want from me?!”
The Hag smiled and pointed into the pool. Rend looked into it and was instantly flooded with information. The pool glowed along with its fumes and they enveloped Rend, changing him. Rend was altered after that; he became stronger than he was before, and gained swirling marks all over his body. Confused and not knowing what exactly happened, Rend awoke to find that he was no longer in the Cave, instead he was back in his village except it was different and silent. Nothing but the buzzing of locusts around made noise. Rend got up and walked around waiting for something to happen and then in the middle of a dead circle of grass was Carcass, wit' locusts inhabiting the husk of his body.

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