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'''Location:''' [http://holmgang-aarhus.dk/ Sværdkampgruppen Holmgang] is based in Århus, Denmark.
'''Location:''' [http://holmgang-aarhus.dk/ Sværdkampgruppen Holmgang] is based in Århus, Denmark.

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Location: Sværdkampgruppen Holmgang is based in Århus, Denmark.

Membership: About 10

Attendance: 5-7

Officers: Jens & Anders Pytlich

Practices: Every Wednesday from 16-18 at the Steno Museum on the University grounds.

History: Holmgang was started in 2003, when Haardgrim returned from the US with inspiration for better ways to make weapons and fight with them. Along with a circle of friends, he started a group, but failed to gain more than a dozen members at any time. Despite advertising campaigns, the number of members didn't rise in the coming years. Weary of the weight of the crown, Haardgrim relinguished it to Jens & Anders in 2006.

Holmgang has been present at Europæisk Middelalderfestival in Horsens in 2005 and 2006, and plan to go there again in 2007. Mundanes and LARP groups alike there can get a taste of what a real fight is.

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