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Faline at Geddon 4

Faline, the eternally lost, wandering, smoking, drinking, swearing, fighting, apathetic Falcon.


Real Name: Laura

Started Fighting: 2001

Realm: Avalon

Unit: Brotherhood of the Falcon

Fighting Style: Bow, Ball and Wall, Sword and Board

Favorite Quote: "Read Marcus Aurelius. Of each particular thing, ask: What is it, in itself, what is its nature?" ~ Hanibal Lector


Character History

Gender: Female
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Catlike

Faline came in to being in the usual manner. She had a mother. And a father. Both were guru's of varying degrees and insisted that she learn all she could. Generally tossing aside common ways of learning, she excelled though an artist's eye in most every lesson she came across.

When she left her home, where she dare not speak of, she was adrift in a world of confusion and pain.

It was a startling change from where she'd been raised to be truthful and always seek justice. The world seemed far too big for her to conquer. She wander for years before finding a place she might call home.

It was the Militia that took her in. Their orc ways and strange behaviors set her on edge. Having forgotten most of her past through her travels, when they dubbed her an elf, she accepted the idea. She was fair of skin and had the long flowing hair of the race. It seemed an apt title.

Back then, the Militia was a turbulant ground and all though they took her in, she was never really accepted. The older orks treated her as a slave at time while the younger ones seemed to only have mating on their minds. When the lands were attacked, however, all proclaimed that she must pick up a shield and a sword and fight for her place at their table.

Her first forrays in to battle were less than excellent. Her shield was unweildy and the sword she'd been given far too heavy. The orks, gathered at nights while the fighting abated, mercilessly taunted her for her obvious lack of skill with such weapons.

One night, a few months in to the seemingly endless battles, she dreamed of home. Not the stinking, cesspit she was mired in but of beautiful green hills that rolled on forever. Of trees that rose seven times her height. And of her family. It had been years since she'd last dwelled on them, but they came to her. One in particular stood out.

He was a ranger of the name Jeffery, her mother's long perished brother. He instructed her to return to her homeland and retrive his most prized possesion, his bow. That morning, while the camp slept, she crept off and made the long journey back to the land of her father.

Jeffery had instructed her to inquire about the bow's whereabouts with his mother, Madelain. Faline had spent many a happy summer frolicking at her grandmother's farm and was doubtful that she'd find it there. True to her uncle's word however, Madelain was so overjoyed to see her granddaughter that she handed over the weapon without a second thought.

And all though her visit home was short, she now had a mission. Upon returning to the Militia's encampment, she practeced with her bow for many months. Finally, when she knew she was ready for battle, she traveled south and her bow struck down many foes.

All this killing caught the attention of a good man, Pyre. He inquired to her whereabouts and when she told him of her place, he immediatly suggested she leave behind the war mongering Militia, and join his family of Brothers. Well, she couldn't very well say no to that. Faline didn't immediatly set out to join Pyre, instead chosing to wander more. Eventually, she found herself in the Northlands and met Filth, a reputable pig, and asked to join the family both he and Pyre were a part of.

Little did she know that this family was so large, or that she could find help in almost any place she could wander. Little did she know that she was joining the Triad.

The rest, as they say, is old news and should be looked past to current achievements. Or something like that. As well as lots of shooting people in the head.

Mundane History

Faline was Faline long before she ever picked up a foam sword or heard a person call lay on. At the tender age of 13, she started writing and posting work on-line. As with the majority of on-line writers, she picked up a nom-de-plume . . . Faline. It was originally supposed to be a possible name for the girl she might have years down the road. And being 13 and female, she was young and quite the romantic, so you can imagine how long the list must have been.

She chose this particular name because it mean catlke, or graceful. She is, sadly, neither of these things and hoped that perhaps if people called her such, she may inherit the characteristics through a strange sort of osmosis. Didn't quite happen that way.

Faline started her career in the sport in the bowels of the Northlands, formerly known as the Militia, in 2001. She attended a few practices over that summer, but due to the immense desire of a few male members to hurt her enough to put her on the sidelines, she stopped fighting.

In the late winter of 2002, she made friends with a few of the Militia kids and gave the sport another shot. She was still recieved with disdain by the same male members, but she realized that if she truly wanted to fight, she'd have to work through the pain and just get better.

Her first event was Rag XVII. She met a few of the Northlands Proper members and was instantly enchanted. It was a few months after Rag when she approached Filth, the pig, and asked to join the Brotherhood. She recieved her sash that day, and joined a unit that truly was a home and a safe haven against the turds in her area. Resolving to leave behind the childish squabbles of the Militia, she moved to Allendale, MI for college and to be closer to the Northlands. She had a blast with the Northlands but knew that Michigan just wasn't cut out for her.

So, she moved down to Avalon. She's been in Ohio going on three years now. She hates the state, but she loves the people and doesn't think she'll leave behind her family any time soon.

Faline is currently squiring to Sir Chance along with Thorn. She holds the rank of Brother in the Brotherhood of the Falcon and has high hopes of making it to Sentinel in 2006. She is also the WebMiss of the Brotherhood site: http://www.brotherhoodofthefalcon.com

Events Attended

Armageddon II, III, IV
Spring War 2003, 2004, 2005
Oktoberfest 2004
Equinox 2004
Summer War 2003, 2004
Northlands Crown War 2002
Avalon Thanksgiving Day Battle 2002
Avalon Memorial Day Battle 2003


Things Faline Likes to do When She's Not Shooting You in the Head:

  • Read
    • Favorite Authors include Anne Rice, Chuck Palahniuk, John Steinbeck, Aelora, Elizabeth Castro, Tolkien
  • Write
  • Web Design
    • She's authored over 20 sites, only four of which are currently in use, include the Brotherhood site and her personal site
  • Listen to Music
    • Favorite Artists include: Johnny Cash, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, The Tossers, Barenaked Ladies, Social Distortion, Bad Religion, John Mayer, Gustav Holst, Bloodhound Gang, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Richard Cheese, Outkast, the Animaniacs, Sloppy Seconds, Reel Big Fish, Alabama3
  • Knitting
  • Sewing

Contact Faline

E-mail: faline@bloomshotel.net
AIM: FalineBof
Yahoo: falinetelepdowen@yahoo.com
Home: http://www.faline-inc.com



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