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[[Image:Edge.jpg|thumb|right]][[Image:Yg05 6.JPG|thumb|right]]
[[Image:Edge.jpg|thumb|left]][[Image:Yg05 6.JPG|thumb|right]] [[image:fight.jpg|thumb|right]][[Image:IMG_2892_edited.jpg|thumb|right]]
[[Edgethrop]] Macthomas av [[Rausumea]]
[[Edgethrop]] Macthomas av [[Rausumea]]
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Fighting style: Strap [[shield]] and [[sword]], [[flanker]]
Fighting style: Strap [[shield]] and [[sword]], [[flanker]]
Former member of the [[Rausumea]] Gaurd (now disbanded), Member of [[Clan MacThomas]]
Former member of the [[Rausumea]] Guard (now disbanded), Member of [[Clan MacThomas]]
[[Domari]] of the household of [[Rausumea]]
[[Doomer]](former domari) household of [[Rausumea]]
Page to Sir [[Madog]].
Squire to the Household of [[Rausumea]]
Dwarven [[Celt]]
Dwarven [[Celt]]
Friend of Apocalypse of the White Sun Tide, Rivendell, Angaron, Eryndor, Pentwyvern, Ravens of Vidar

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Edgethrop Macthomas av Rausumea

Started fighting in 2001.

Member of the Ohio National Guard.

Fighting style: Strap shield and sword, flanker

Former member of the Rausumea Guard (now disbanded), Member of Clan MacThomas

Doomer(former domari) household of Rausumea

Squire to the Household of Rausumea

Dwarven Celt

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