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There's Still Plague, But We're Kinda Used To It Now?


War Council decisions in 2022

This list includes all changes passed by War Council during the four voting periods of the year (March, June, September & December)

Officer Elections for the Next Year (2023)

Realm Status Changes

  • Speaking rights were granted for
  • Voting rights were granted for

Book of War changes in 2022

Removal of Legalizing metal helms

  • Rigid metal full helmet. Rigid metal full helmet is defined as being composed of large metal plates that are attached together in a fashion that the helmet acts as a solid object. Partial rigid metal helmets as well as full helmets made of any other armor materials are allowed.

By-Laws changes in 2022

National Events of 2022

People who were titled in 2022

People who started fighting in 2022

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