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Shield Bashing

Shield pushing, checking, and bashing are more common than grappling. Shield checking and bashing are essentially running into your opponent with your shield. A shield push is placing your shield against your opponent and pushing. A shield check is running into your opponent from up to two steps away and a shield bash is running into your opponent from more than two steps away. The purpose of shield checking or bashing an opponent is to knock them off guard or off their feet. It is one of the more dangerous aspects of the sport so you must make sure you always think before you bash. Large fighters must especially judge the size and stature of their opponent before committing to a full strength check or bash so they do not injure their opponent.

Body Checking and Shield Kicks

Body checking is also allowed in Belegarth and also must be done carefully to protect the participants. A body check is simply running into another fighter with your body. You may not use your elbows, knees, fists, or feet and you may not actually tackle your opponent. The purpose of a body check is to knock your opponent off guard. They are seldom used as most people shield check if they want to knock their opponent off their guard. Kicking an opponent’s shield is also allowed. The purpose of a shield kick is to distract your opponent or to knock them over if they are kneeling. Before you kick a shield you should always make sure there are no obstructions behind the fighter and that they are not holding their shield in front of their face. If the person you are fighting often moves their shield around you may want to consider not kicking their shield. If your opponent moves their shield and you kick them instead, it is your fault, not your opponents. You are always responsible for where your foot ends up so you need to be careful when you kick.

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