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The Prana'Kai

The Prana'Kai are trials within the Horde, available to all awakened members as a way to test one's strength. These trials offer an extra challenge to those who seek it, and award titles within the Horde. Below are some of the most commonly known Prana'kai, but the list is ever growing:

Prana'Kai of Blood

Description: Two blooded members form a pair and must fight in every heralded field battle during a 24-hour period. These fighters must fight all battles in cooperation with each other and during that time, they must take on each other's wounds. (For example, if one fighter loses a leg, so does the other fighter. If one fighter dies, so does the other one. If the pair has collectively taken two hits then the pair would be dead.) The pair should wear red tabards or matching sleeves that say “Blood Kin/Brothers” on it for the duration of the trial.
Success: Fight all heralded battles during 24-hour period with partner
Symbol: Blood spatter/drop from Horde sword, or a Horde symbol with two skulls
Title: Scarred

Prana'Kai of the Scavenger

Description: A blooded member must fight in every heralded field battle during a 24-hour period, during this time they must start each fight with no weapons/shields/armor/Belegarth equipment of any kind. This member is only allowed to use equipment that they pick up on the fighting field for each fight. They are allowed to grapple or otherwise steal equipment from other fighters during the course of the fight but must return it upon their death or the end of the game. They are not allowed to accept gifts of weapons from other fighters. The Horde member may wear safety/protective gear as they see fit.
Success: Fight every heralded fight in a day, starting each fight with no equipment.
Symbol: A patchwork skull
Title: Scavenged

Prana'Kai of Fire

Description: The Horde member must fight in every heralded field battle during that day and must also accept any other challenge given to them during that time with the exception of challenges involving alcohol, sex, illegal activities or which could endanger the fighter's life. Also, any challenge must be an actual challenge - something of a competitive nature.
Success: Complete all field battles/challenges in a 24-hour period.
Symbol: A corona of fire added to Horde symbol
Title: Blackened

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