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Race: Hoblyn
Fighting since: 2004
Weapons of Choice: Sword and Board
Unit: Horde

Dulin be your friendly neighborhood hoblyn. All she every really want to is rape, pillage, and burn along side her Tnuc sisters. Her most favorite bugbear be drego cause of how much ass she kick. As far as ogeresses go there can only be one, and that one is Aislynn. She help learn hoblyn all sorts of crazy stuff like how hoblyns dont take baths and how to play nice with smaller goblyns. Dulin past kinda fuzzy to people. Monster hear that name and start to drool cause they think of pinkies. Then they think oh wait that that really odd hoblyn with pinkie name. Only few people know whole story of dulin past. All every one else know is one day they see this really odd looking thing in this village they just finish burning.They take it too ogeress and say what this. She tell them leave. A few minutes later orgesess step out of hut with brand new hoblyn. Since then dulin run with the horde but never get too far from her ogress and bugbear. Maybe someday she get barreled in and be real member of horde!
Dulin also like collect trolls. She heard story of long long ago of when goblyns once controlled cave and mountain trolls. She know that being a hoblyn, she not get over thrown like little goblyns do. She think trolls make good toys to play with cause then ever you break them you just get more trolls.

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