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Nothlands Photo.jpg

======Northlands Realm Officers======

  • The Warden of the North- R.J. VanKoevering Grimace
  • The Advisor- Andres Ramos Jr. Yoshi Tatsu
  • The Arbiter(s)- Nathan Ashen Malmyga and Meggy Beth Megs

======Kingdom Practices======:

  • Sunday (In most weather)

Oriole Park 529 Greenwood Avenue S.E.. East Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506 From: 1pm - 5pm

======Experienced Units commonly seen at practices======


Once a large, powerful realm; Northlands had fallen to the ashes of our memories not only just a couple of years ago. Yet, the kingdom of Northlands begins to rise again. Many more units are being re-grouped and trained for tournaments yet to come. We encourage any who are interested to attend a single kingdom practice and see if you have the power and skill of a Northlands warrior (weapons are available at practices with a limited supply)

The Kingdom of Northlands is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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