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'''Unit:''' [[House Hellhammer]] - barreled at Armageddon 2018
'''Unit:''' [[House Hellhammer]] - barreled at Armageddon 2018
'''Weapons of Choice:''' Glaives, longsword, sword and board
'''Weapons of Choice:''' Sword and shield, greatsword, polearms
'''Fighting Since:''' September 22, 2013
'''Fighting Since:''' September 22, 2013

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Xarl at Oktoberfest 2016

Fighting Name: Squire Xarl

Realm: Morva

Unit: House Hellhammer - barreled at Armageddon 2018

Weapons of Choice: Sword and shield, greatsword, polearms

Fighting Since: September 22, 2013

Blood / Fire / Chaos / Death

Xarl stood in the field bruised, beaten, bloodied, and torn. His left arm hung uselessly at his side, torn by the blades of his foes. His right hand clenched a greatsword in a dead man's grip, its blade notched and caked with gore. Gazing upon the corpses of the last four knights he had slain, Xarl finally let the great blade drop from his gauntlet as he howled at the sky in primal vindication. The Gods had favored him and he took his place in the house of Chaos. Let none stand before the fury of Hellhammer.

Squire to Sir Uargvak Hellhammer, the King of Belegarth as of Spring Wars 2017 (4/28/17)

Events Attended: Wolfpack Opener 2014, Spring Wars 2014, Kill Grill Chill 2014, Oktoberfest 2014, WAR 2014, Wolfpack Opener 2015, Muxlovian Mayhem 2015, Numenor Spring Opener 2015, Geddon 2015, Kill Grill Chill 2015, Oktoberfest 2015, WAR 2015, Take Your Hitsmas 2016, Wolfpack Opener 2016, Numenor Spring Opener 2016, Spring Wars 2016, Armageddon XV, Bear Brawl 2016, Oktoberfest 2016. pretty much any major Illinois events.

Xarl also has a black metal band called Angmar.

Xarl fighting Zuloo at Okfest 2016
Xarl BFTR.gif
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