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Who is Xar?

Fighting Name: Zar, Xar, Zarzar, Xarzar, or Czarzar
Full Name Xarzar the Deep One
Race: Sea Troll
Weapons of Choice: Sword & Board
Realm: Armored Penguins
Fighting since: 2015
Title: Deep One


As documented by Lorain:

Xarzar was the result of a polyp placed on lion turtle. He sprung forth from it in the murky waters of the jagged coast. He, like many of his Sea Troll brethren, retained some of the traits of his host. In this case he retained the large fangs of his host and has seaweed growing from his head. He grew up in the great coral reefs of the jagged coast and on his 15th burstday set out to get the mark of Dagon so he may travel the lands. In his quest he met Finn the Deep One who taught Xarzar all about Sea Troll history. And so with the knowledge of the Sea Trolls endowed to him by Finn, Xarzar swam the esoteric path and received the mark of Dagon with ease and so returned to the Jagged Coast to conquer the land dwellers and bring the vengeance of Dagon upon them. Xarzar wanted more than a life of pillaging and destroying the land dwellers, and so returned to the sea to learn the ways of the Deep Ones he returned to his friend Finn who taught him much about the Deep Ones, nature, and Dagon. Then with Finn as his sponsor, Xarzar returned to Dagon to become a Deep One. Dagon sent Xarzar on a quest to kill the dreaded Sea Deer and to bring the antlers back to him as proof. Xarzar ventured out on this quest and in the process gained the help of Captain Thi Kwineear. With his help Xarzar vanquished the evil Sea Deer. In the process Captain Thi Kwineear’s ship was destroyed. In thanks and as repayment Xarzar shared the powers of the sea weed with the Capitan. With the antlers in hand Xarzar returned to Dagon and earned his place as a Deep One. Years passed and a greatly injured Goblyn came to him after an epic battle with Xar’s friend Captain Thi Kwineear. The Goblyn was treated by Xarzar and after several days woke from his coma. This Goblyn was Kord, the leader of the Armored Penguins. Kord was impressed by the Sea Troll’s healing abilities and history as a great raider and convinced him to join the Armored Penguins where he now resides.

Events Attended

Harvest Massacre 5

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