Women of Peerage

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Some Dames, Sers, Sirs, and other women of Peerage can be found on the Facebook group Ladies of the Lake. https://www.facebook.com/groups/561597240561837/

Sir Tzigana (unknown-Pentwyvern)

Master Xooyan (unknown-Andor)

Master Lady Armstrong (unknown-Numenor)

Master Faline (unknown-Northlands)

Sir Jikanta (b.2002-Numenor)

Sir Misti (b.2005-Avalon)

Sir Sorcia Januri Alathea the Matriarch(b.2008-Rhun)

Sir Luthien (b.2011)

Dame Silk (Marianthalasa) (b. 2011-Gwynedd)

Sir Anastasia of Chamonix (b.2013 - Western Flame Anduril)

Sir Phira (b.2013-Mountain Mercs)

Dame Volpin Rusc Ruin (b. 2014-Numenor)

Ser Shirl Ravenlocke (b.2015-Rath)

Sir Airia (b.2016-Rath)

Dame Black Betty (b.2017-Beornve)

Master Anij Kalish (b.2018-Stygia)

Dame Idril Frostfoot (b.2018-Middle Earth)

Saint Sir Ostrida the Scholar (b.2018-Rath)

Dame Ruby the Stalwart of the Southern Plains (b.2018-Carthage)

Sir Ace the Dragon of the West (b. 2019-nomadic)

Master Sita Avaaraa (b.2019-Anduril)

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