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The Warmaster's Pub Knight banner, hanging outside the Warmaster's Pub Knigth at Chaos Wars XIX

Once upon a time, there was an Orc named Soo Ma Tai. After completing the tasks set before him by Sir Cedric, the time came for him to take a title. He decided that it was about damn time there was a "monster-y" title. So there. Warmasters.

Warmaster's Pub Knight

If you haven't seen the Warmaster's pub knight at Chaos Wars, you're missing out.

Warmaster as a Title in Belegarth

Warmaster is a title that was created to specifically recognize monsters who have already contributed to the Belegarth community & shown great prowess on the field, or those monsters who show the potential to. While each Warmaster has different things they're looking for in their apprentices, a driving theme is the ability to drop an apprentice anywhere in the country and have them start a functioning and successful realm.




Apprentice Realm Warmaster Realm
Angys Stygia Warmaster Soo Ma Tai Stygia
Finn Andor Warmaster Kord Blood Moon Bay
Artificer Anduril Warmaster Kord Blood Moon Bay
Jin Stygia Warmaster Valas Hune Somewhere in Pennsylvania
War Unknown Warmaster Zeldrine Acheron
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