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Race - Night Goblyn

Realm - Ebonhold

Fighting Style - Polearm, Sword and Board

Fighting Since - June 2016

Unit - Black Tundra Horde - Awakened at Battle for the Ring 2018, Year of Blood

Vexable the Tall

Vex and her partner, Rumble, have been sent by Elders of their tribe to scout the ruins of the Great War with the Gods. They devised a clever disguise as Vexable the Tall, a curious Hat Troll that calls no attention and is definitely NOT a conspiracy. From their clever and totally not obvious disguise, they observe the world around them and judge if the world is safe for their people to rise, conquer, and take their rightful place as Melashekhaad's favored children again.

Vex makes up the top half and contains half of Vexable's Magic Power.

Events Attended

Chaos Wars- 2016 (XX), 2017 (XXI)

T-Wald- 2017

Frozen Warriors- 2017 II, III, 2018 II

Battle For The Ring- 2017 (IX), 2018 (X)

Highlands of Chaos Opener- 2017

Thaw Brawl- 2017

Western Wars- 2017

War of the Gate- 2017

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