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The Facts


Realm: Khazad-Dum

Unit: Clan of the Hydra.

Weapons of Choice: Polearm, spear

Real name: Alex Krochman

Started Fighting: October 2008

Race Dwarf

Events Chaos Wars XIII, Battle for the Ring I, Ragnarok XXX, The Battle of Andor, The Battle of Blackwater, Western Wars, War of Wrath, I'll be honest, I've been to so many, I've lost track.

Titles Battering Ram of Chaos XIII, Siegemaster of Clan of the Hydra, Potion Master of the Mountain, the Ironcock, the Grudgebearer, Master of Mead


Founder and ruler of Khazad-Dum, Owner of TordTek, Squire to Sir Kyrian Hawksword.

Real Life

Student of Mechanical Engineering. Mundane name Alex Krochman.

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