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==  ==
==  ==
[[File:TinyDrawingofTiny.jpg|thumb|400px|right|Drawing by "Pan"]]
'''Fighter name:''' Tiny
'''Fighter name:''' Tiny Crow
'''Mundane name:'''
'''Mundane name:'''
[https://www.facebook.com/TeenyTiny7i4 Tiny Vu]
[https://www.facebook.com/TeenyTiny7i4 Thai Vu]
'''Race:''' [[Bugbear]]
'''Race:''' Palico
'''Fighting since:'''
'''Fighting since:''' [[2013]]
'''Realm:''' [[Khazad-Dum]]
'''Realm:''' [[Khazad-Dum]](formerly Moria)
'''Home Realm:''' Aether
'''Unit:''' Apprentice to the [[Wardens]]
'''Unit:''' [[God Squad]] Prospect
'''Fighting style:''' [[Sword and Board]]
'''Fighting style:''' [[Sword and Board]],[[Glaive]]

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Drawing by "Pan"

Fighter name: Tiny Crow

Mundane name: Thai Vu

Race: Palico

Fighting since: 2013

Realm: Khazad-Dum(formerly Moria)

Home Realm: Aether

Unit: God Squad Prospect

Fighting style: Sword and Board,Glaive

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