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Name: Tera Carné
Race: Catfolk (Tigerfolk), raised by Wood Elves
God: Ehlonna, Goddess of the Woodlands
Fighting Since: September 2012
Styles: Two Stick, Archery
Unit: Shadow Clan
Realm: Stygia
Events Attended: War of Reckoning IV, Thaw Brawl 2013

Tera was born in the plains, as her tribe was migrating to more secluded lands. Along the journey, the caravan was attacked, and her parents were lost to her. Fortunately, a scouting party from the Swiftwing tribe of wood elves came across the survivors of the attack, and took them into their village. There, Tera was raised among nature, the great forest a vast and peaceful playground for her to explore. When she came of age, Tera was accepted into the guard ranks, patrolling and coordinating information with the nearby Darkwing tribe. One day on patrol with her elven friend Rylar, they came across a suspicious orc following the edge of the forest. While they decided to monitor his movements before acting, another patrol team attacked him, and fell. Tera and Rylar then cornered him and took him into custody for questioning back at the village. While they were away, an emissary from the Darkwing clan, named Aero, arrived seeking aid against a dark monster in the canopy near their village.
Awaiting his trial, the orc named Drakken seemed to have accepted his fate, and arrangements were being made to aid the Darkwing tribe when a red dragon's great wingbeats sent the village into a frenzy. The dragon demanded his servant, the orc, returned to him, then took him (along with Tera, Rylar, and Aero) away to his domain in the mountains. There, the elven refugees were introduced to the dragon and orc properly (Drakir and Drakken, respectively), and tasked to aid Drakken in his cause. The group scattered after a few years together, Tera and Drakken continuing to explore the mainland on their own while Rylar sought to return to the woods, Aero wishing to explore on his own.
Tera and Drakken found themselves drawn to the area near the Dread Gate, and thus stumbled upon the realm of Stygia. Realizing the great power being nurtured in the realm, the two decided to join the ranks to better themselves.

Though she can be shy and moody at times, Tera is a friendly individual, open to befriending most people. She wishes for the most happiness in the individuals surrounding her, and will defend her friends with tooth and claw. Favoring the bow and tending the wounds of others, Tera will join in close combat if she is asked to or sees the need to. Off the field of battle, she enjoys reading, drawing, singing, and spending time with friends; to this day, she reveres the nature she was raised in.

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