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Koom: Hey boss.... Click the history tab at the top. It shows who posted what. If it is an IP address, check their contributions. You can kinda narrow it from there.

  • Note- No disrespect is ment from above comment, although it is full of sarcasm.

Hawkins von Roeyen: ( Now as for anyone else that feels they need to change and expand on this, I highly advise against such actions. As the nice little lines that had been here before are to say the least high disrespectful not to meantion down right cowardly to make in public view without leaving your name. Oh and for those that think I have no sense of humor or that I am uptight and or to serious about certain matters yes, as for my character he is not a nice person. I however Bill am an ok person if you don't annoy the hell out of me. Also while I was busy fixing alot of screwups here. You spelled the last name on my character wrong, it's von Roeyen ) Bill D.

Faline: Just thougt I'd stick your knighting in. It was a great ceremony ~ Faline

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