Spring War 2009

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Spring War 2008

Host: Wolfpack
Dates: May 21st-25th 2009
Location: Stonehouse Park
Cost: $30
Website: http://sw.belegarth.com

Friday Feast:
Hobo Dinners

Saturday Feast:
Beef and more beef
Garlic Mashed potatoes with Bacon

Sunday Foods:
Hamburgers and Hotdoges



  • It didn't rain. What more do you want?


  • The Brotherhood and HellHammer were both off the field for unit battles, giving Dregoth the opening they needed, until Kenny came along and stole their candy. Kenny, and various friends, won every unit battle.
  • Shiv barrelled in to HellHammer
  • Bodmin Barelled in to HellHammer
  • Space Wine Bag Toss
  • Big bon fires!


  • Crazy tournaments that no one liked except for Faline, who got to watch
  • Dodgeball Javelin
  • Some ass bought a keg of Coors Lite. Couldn't even get real beer.
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