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Heraldic Crest
Soo Ma Tai at CW6

Race: Orc
God: Gruumsh
Fighting since: 1994
Weapons of Choice: sword and shield, twin weapon, red sword
Units: Western Uruk Hai, White Skull
Current Realm: Stygia
Family: Married to slave wench Juniper Wynd, Firstborn Ulari
Member of The Great Hunt

Soo Ma Tai was born to the Tribe of the Severed Ear, in the lands of Dur-Demarion. In a short time he became a capable warrior under the guidance of the Severed Ear warriors, primarily Grim Felltooth. About a year later the Severed Ear tribe went into a great decline, with Soo being the only one who regularly attended. Soo decided to set off on his own and soon found himself fighting along side the Dark Angels. Soo Ma Tai learned much from Shadow and the Dark Angels before it was time for him to leave.

After making a great journey into the lands of the west, he is trained and educated among the monks of the Temple of the Dragon and Tiger. Six years pass before Soo recieves a vision from He-who-watches, a great one-eyed orc skull is surrounded by hordes of warriors. Knowing what must be done, Soo leaves the temple. Traveling north, Soo Ma Tai seeks a new tribe of Orcs to bend to his will. Entering the lands of Gorothannon he finds this tribe, the Keeper's of the Dread Gate.

Soo Ma Tai challenges Slagg, the tribes current leader, to a fight. The winner to be the new Chieftain, the looser to seek the tables of Gruumsh in the afterlife. Soo defeats Slagg after a hard battle and assumes the leadership of the tribe. Slagg returns from death three days later, after seeing the same vision, and becomes Soo Ma Tai's sub-chief with the blessings of Gruumsh. The Tribe of the White Skull is born.

Two years pass and the White Skull sees many battles. From the War of the Gate and Yestare, to Chaos Wars and Samhain. At Chaos WarsVIII an alliance is formed between the leaders of the White Skull and Forkbeard of Aquilonia and at the next Samhain their numbers grew, making the White Skull a national unit. Another year passes and the White Skull join the V-Hil's Uruk-Hai army. The Western Uruk-Hai march strong at Chaos Wars IX. Over the course of the next year the White Skull is split into the Western Uruk-Hai and the White Skull, the western Uruk's elite force.

Though retired as Chieftain, Soo Ma Tai continues to battle on as the Shaman of the Western Uruk-Hai.

Soo fighting with Q'tis at the 1st War of the Gate

The Western Uruk-Hai at CWX, Soo is in the front right.

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