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What is the Seneschal Guild

The Seneschal Guild oversees all types of service that Belegarth may require. From heralding to recruiting, all skilled aspects that improve Belegarth for its members may be chosen as an area of focus. This guild focuses on dedication, quality, and quantity of service.

The Goal of the Seneschal Guild Is...

The mission of the Seneschal Guild is to promote excellence in leadership and service to the Belegarth community. It accomplishes this mission by:

    1. Developing and maintaining a consistent, standardized, and formal recognition process for accomplishments in leadership and in serving the community.
    2. Establishing a mentoring system for developing individual skills and abilities.
    3. Inspiring members and providing them the necessary skills to share their knowledge and experience with the community.
    4. Promoting the value of volunteerism and social responsibility within the community.

Guild Membership Information

How to Join

Belt flag for members

Any member of BCMS may join the Seneschal Guild. To do so you must:

1) Introduce yourself to the Guild on the Facebook group OR introduce yourself to a Guild Council member. Either way, you must provide this information:

  • Your name
  • Your realm and unit (if applicable)
  • Years in Belegarth
  • Any notable service you're proud of
  • Your reason for joining and what you want to learn

2) Edit the member table below to include your fighting name, realm, and focus. You may request someone do this on your behalf if necessary.

Becoming an Vassal

Those wishing to become Guild Vassals should contact their local Guild Mentors, Journeymen, or Guild Council.

Becoming an Apprentice

Those wishing to become Guild Apprentices should speak to their Guild Council and fill out the following form.

Becoming a Journeyman

Requirements for becoming a Guild Journeyman.

To Be Considered for Master Status Now

Many individuals in Belegarth are already masters in various service areas, and have been for some time. In recognition of this the Seneschal guild welcomes you to submit a CV detailing your service, and a document that can be used as a guide for some aspect of service to the following email address:

Here are the requirements for being recognized as a master:

Example CV:

Example document:

Current Guild Council Members

Name Fighting Name Realm Primary Service Area Secondary Service Area Status
Anastasia Nagel Sir Anastasia Anduril Event Planning Realm Building Master - Active
Ian Matanguihan Sir Kyrian Hawksword Nomad Mentoring Event Service Mentor - Active
Gary "Bo" Chamberland Sir Beauregaurd Brutus Elevo Rhun Event Service Mentor - Active
Zack Lemka Mekoot Gorlock Nan Belegorn Recruitment/Retention Event Organization/Service Master - Active
Shayne Delavan Sir Rem DeLavan Rath Recruitment/Retention Event Organization/Service Mentor - Active
Jesse Sell Sir Thurat Carthage Recruitment/Retention Event Organization/Service Master - Active - Sashed by Master Gorlock 6/09/2018
Kayla Harris Squire Antoinette Thunder Guard Event Service History Keeping Master - Active - Sashed by Master Gorlock at Oktoberfest 2019

Past Guild Council Members

Name Fighting Name Realm Primary Service Area Secondary Service Area Status
Joe Sebright Sir Húrin Numenor Event Service Instruction Mentor - Retired
Brian Leatherby Sir Farrin Dunharrow Mentor - Retired
Torry Wilhoit Sir Torrence Numenor Event Service Instruction/Retention Mentor - Retired
Elizabeth Matanguihan Sir Sorcia Januri Alathea the Matriarch Nomad Event Service Master - Retired
Matthew Litster Warmaster Bacchus Sunspear Realm Creation/Retention Event Organization/Service Mentor - Retired

Guild Members on the Path

Name Rank Realm Primary Art/Skill Secondary Art/Skill Studying Under
Darth Cheeseheart Apprentice Stronghold Anduril Event Service Recruitment Sir Anastasia
Squire Tar Míriel Journeyman Numenor Retention Teaching Sir Torrence
Sir Peter the Quick Apprentice Numenor Instruction/Teaching Event Service Sir Kyrian
Jaddeik Apprentice Nomad Weapons Checking/Heralding Event Organization/Service Sir Farrin
Etah Apprentice Vallem Aurora Event Coordination Leadership Sir Kyrian
Igua Apprentice Korriban Recruitment Event Planning Sir Anastasia
Jesus Apprentice Nan Belegorn Mekoot Gorlock
Skipper Apprentice Carthage Event Coordination Marshaling Sir Thurat
Carden Coburn Apprentice Blackfen Realm Administration Mentoring Squire Antoinette
Oktavia Apprentice Rath Volunteering Undetermined Squire Antoinette

Current Members

Name Rank Realm Primary Service Area Secondary Service Area Studying Under
Sir Vak Member Morva Realm Growth Retention n/a
Ursyne Member Beornve Event Services Realm Services n/a
Brutus Member Riverbend Undecided Undecided n/a
Sir Xipher Member Tir Asleen Local Recruitment Realm Administration n/a
Squire Matthias Member Briarwood Mentoring Event Service n/a
Sir Oroku Norinaga Member Stygia Instruction Retention n/a
Thiadric Thumbs Member Stygia n/a
Sir Horati Member Ered Duath Weapons Check Heralding n/a
Crynolyn Member River Run Realm Administration Event Services n/a
Dragoon Ralimar Member Nomad Creative Event Planning Community Enrichment n/a
Rinwilya Rose Member Numenor/Nomad Event Services Undecided n/a
Karissa d'ann Member Andor Realm Leadership Event Organization/Service n/a
Melannen Member Dunharrow Event Organization & Service Teaching n/a
Dane Member Numenor Instruction Mentoring n/a
Nysa Member Pyke Realm Administration Event Service n/a
Dourn Member Gondor Event Service Instruction n/a
Sleuth Member Stygia Realm Leadership Event Service n/a
Taurus Rex Member Cursed Battalion Realm Leadership Recruitment n/a
Sir Andrek Member Acheron Recruitment/Retention Event Planning & Service n/a
Áine Ní Fhathaigh Member Stygia Mentoring Realm/Event Planning & Service n/a
The Unicorn Member Nomad Event Planning Mentoring Seeking
Sir Ugar Member Rath Event Service Mentoring Seeking
Squire Berenor Member Northern Steppes Medical Volunteering/Teaching Event Planning Seeking

Other Information

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