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Sarca & Friends



Realm: Babylon

Squire to: Dragoon Itan


  • Proprietor of Sarcas Kitchen

Fun Facts

  • Literally the best person ever

Events Attended


Written by Squire Antoinette

I have seen a lot in my travels. However, what I never expected to encounter was a planes-shifting kitchen. Somehow, when I summoned my familiar to me, I ended up transported to this kitchen, familiar and all. I still dont know how it happened. I dont think Sarca, the women who told me she was soul-bound to the kitchen, again not something you hear every day, knew how it happened either, but apparently it happens all of the time. People who are hungry just show up in the kitchen, or the kitchen just shows up where there are people who need to be fed. Thankfully I didn't burn the place down with my archmoose. After a great meal of hearty home cooked food, I was back where I started. I was pretty sure that was a dream until it happened again, this time the kitchen came the Great Chaos Wars. I must figure out this magic.

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