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Realm: Lands of Ameth
Weapon of Choice: Battle Archer
Fighting History: Rogue started fighting back in 2002 as a member of Kazad-Dum. She helped form the Lands of Ameth after disappointing events in Khazad-Dum.


Race: Elf Unit: Templar Dracomis Kestavara, Dragoons

Fighting is serious business

There's not much to say about the character, she's a rogue elf. However, unlike most Elves, she is not racist and despises goblin/human discrimination. “Rogue” is not her real name, but she never shares her true name with anyone. She plays good and her own way. And she loves to call out backstabber's....even if they are on her own team!

“It's just too fun to watch a backstabber's face change when they are inches from their target, from all sheer panic as their prey turns!”

Perhaps Chaotic Good might be a good way to put it?


Even though the back lines are where archers usually reside, you will hardly see Rogue there. She prefers to fight in “Team All-Stars” during events, running with old blood vets around the to the flanks. And she often prefers to take her unusual arching style to the front of the line....far away from archer guards.

“Though it's a very polite gesture, they usual get in the way.....unless they are under 5'1!.”

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