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Raxis in full garb

Other Titles:

  • Once called Araxis the Arachnid

Race: Gnoll
Realm: Tir Asleen
Unit: None
Other Affiliations: None

About: Raxis started fighting with Tir Asleen during the recruitment boom of 2013. She showed initiative in the creation of garb and persona but also in growing as a fighter despite her small stature [she much smaller then me - haha].

Lore: At the ripe young age of 5 gnoll years old, Raxis was off hiding to take a nap to avoid training. When she returned to camp, she discovered it was destroyed and burned to the ground. She searched for hours to find survivors, but to no avail. Among the bodies were those of horses and men. In her sorrow and rage she ran from the camp in the direction of the hoof prints, traveling for two days straight with no food or water. Tired and starving, a pinkie child found her collapsed on the ground, near-death. The child felt deep sympathy for her, thinking she was a puppy. (pinkies are stupid) The child scooped her up and took her home, hiding her in a bag to sneak her past the guards of the city, where bringing in stray pets was not allowed. The child's parents knew her instantly for what she was and told the child it must get rid of her immediately. However, the child begged and the parents reconsidered, seeing how deeply the child cared for the pup. They decided they might be able to tame her since they were raising her from a baby, but knew they would have to keep it a secret as harboring a beast would account for endangering the commonwealth. Three years pass and Raxis, over this period of time, decided that it was better to let the pinkie family live and continue to feed her rather than eat them and have to fight her way out of the city. One day the child left the door open and a knight happened to walk by and notice Raxis inside. The family was put to death for endangering the commonwealth and Raxis was beaten to near-death and left on the outskirts of town for dead. Luckily, she was discovered by some Orks who made a deal to save her in return for her being their "hunting dog."

She now quests to increase her fighting skills so that she might avenge the family who showed her kindness and to kill those responsible for her humiliation.

Weapons of Choice: Sword and Board, Florentine

Fighting Since: Fall 2013

Events Attended:

  • Prelude 2013
  • Oktoberfest 2013
  • Eriador Halloween 2013
  • Wolfpack Opener 2014
  • Thrace Opener 2014
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