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-Oktoberfest 2013
-Oktoberfest 2013
-Eriador Halloween 2013
-Eriador Halloween 2013(The Day of Crippling)

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Other Titles:

  • Once called Araxis the Arachnid

Race: Gnoll
Realm: Tir Asleen
Unit: None
Other Affiliations: None

About: Raxis started fighting with Tir Asleen during the recruitment boom of 2013. She showed initiative in the creation of garb and persona but also in growing as a fighter despite her small stature [she much smaller then me - haha].

Lore: When she was only a pup, her whole village was destroyed by pinkies. She survived simply by being unseen. Once everything died down, she traveled for a day before finding, or rather being found by, a human child. Thinking she was a puppy, (pinkies are stupid) it took her home as a pet. The parents of the child knew right away that Raxis was a gnoll, but saw how fond their child already was to her and thought her to be harmless due to her youth. They decided to keep her as a pet in secret. Two years later they were discovered by the city's knights. The family was put to death for treason. Raxis was beaten badly and left to die outside the town. Luckily, she was discovered by a hodge podge group of travelers who took pity on her. They fixed her up and taught her to fight

She now quests to increase her fighting skills so that she might avenge the family who showed her kindness and to kill those responsible for her humiliation.

Weapons of Choice: Sword and board, Florentine

Fighting Since: Fall 2013

Events Attended:

-Oktoberfest 2013

-Eriador Halloween 2013(The Day of Crippling)

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